About This Site

The Attendant Network was originally established with a three-year grant awarded by the Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities. The grant was set up to administer quality training for those interested in pursuing personal attendant care as a profession, and to create a registry resource for people needing attendant care to access supports. The grant has expired, and the Web site is no longer supported. The Web developer that built this Web site as a volunteer is now maintaining the site on his own. If you would like to make a donation to ensure the future of the Attendant Network Web site, please email info@attendantnetwork.org for details.

We hope that this registry will provide a positive means for individuals to connect that are seeking employment as attendants, as well offer a resource to individuals hiring for attendant positions. For more information email info@attendantnetwork.org.

Please donate to help pay the cost of keeping the site running.


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